Healthy Shift is a training and organisational change company for the health and medical care field.

You work in the medical field (as a health care professional or in clinical research). You love your profession, but it also requires at lot from you. You are looking for passion and inspiration in your job and feel you want to make a substantial contribution.

In this experience-based training with colleagues, you discover how the one you truely are in depth, thrives in your profession.

When the one you truely are in depth shines through in your profession, you function from authenticity, you have a clear view on what you stand for and you experience fun in your job!

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Besides your individual profession, you also have a role as a team member. While working as a team, you as collaegues may empower and lift each other up. However, sometimes influences can be so overwhelming, that this is reflected as tension or stress within the team.

The method of organisational constellation work is a quick and effective way to gain insight on complex and (apparently) persistent organisational issues.

There is a broad variety of issues that you and your team or department may encounter and which may hinder or undermine you and your team members in your professinal functioning. You may think of recurring conflicts, difficult communications, a team member or manager who does not seem to fit in the team, loss of productivity or involvement, a change process that doesn’t seem to land. These examples are all in fact expressions¬†or symptoms of an underlying issue.

The contribution of an organisational constellation lies in the visibly uncovering and susequently enlightening of the underlying issue that causes the symptoms. Because the underlying issue is addressed, this results in a sustainable improvement for your team.

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